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The Best Security Camera Systems & Technologies

A CCTV solutions is made up of a variety of differing components which must work together to produce images and recordings suitable to the given environment and requirements. The best way to understand what makes up a world class CCTV Surveillance solution is to look at its individual components which comprise it:

DVR/NVR (The Brains)

The NVR/DVR stands for Network Video Recorder and Digital Video Recorder, these products work in a similar manner to the technology running your DSTV PVR.  Using digital hard drives incoming video data is stored and often analysed. High end NVR systems such as those produced by manufacturers such as Cathexis, Hikvision and Dahua are server mounted computers which can among other features identify and follow selected targets, warn users when there have been items removed or added to a room and identify and log vehicle number plates. 

Intervid supplies a range of NVR and DVR solutions to the corporate market and our insistence on only using the best of breed product ensures user satisfaction. The newest technologies use Intel i5 powered computers which digitize and analyse incoming feeds from across the IP camera network. These systems are often also integrated with complementary technologies such as Weighbridges, POS systems, Access Control and smart Building management systems all of which add huge efficiencies and time saving capabilities to various aspects of day to day business activities

The South African Market is currently making the conversion from analogue technology to IP, the majority of new system installed at larger corporate and industrial sites are fibre based IP systems. These systems are both future proof and allow for continuous upgrading of cameras and NVR’s without a large need to reinstall the fibre backbone.

IP CCTV Camera’s/Analogue CCTV Camera’s  (The Eyes)

CCTV Cameras can be considered the eyes of the CCTV system, the quality of the camera will determine the quality of the image being feedback across the network and into the NVR unit. Currently a few brands lead the way in terms of the highest quality cameras. These include Canon, Axis, Avigilon and Hikvision. Modern IP camera’s run up to 3 Megapixels and can record in HD clarity over distance of more than 100 meters. The new features which are available on the newest generation of IP camera’s are too numerous to list but do include such features as microphone listening ability, night vision, full fish eye image recording and internal SD card recording. Intervid continually attempts to combine the best of breed IP Cameras to create a solution with world class viewing and recording capabilities.



Cabling and Sundries ( The Arteries)

While the NVR/DVR and Cameras are vitally important components of a world class CCTV system, the cabling and general backbone of a high end CCTV solution is essential in order to move the High Definition images quickly and effectively to the NVR to be processed in a timeous fashion. A high end CCTV solution will typically have a fibre backbone particularly in Sub Saharan Africa due to the adverse weather conditions. Fibre cabling has longevity and is not as susceptible to lightning strikes and can be run over longer distances.  Sundries include network POE switches, Power Supply Units and Trunking and Piping. The best CCTV solutions include not only high end peripherals but a world class data network.

When looking at what can be defined as the “best Security Camera CCTV System” one cannot look at one or two components but also the workmanship that completes the system, quality of the cable pulls and finishing of the trunking. All of the above factors contribute to a function world class CCTV solution.

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