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Welcome to Intervid

Intervid Africa is a South African based integrated security solutions and intelligent infrastructure supplier. By using the finest selection of hardware and software solutions from the world’s leading technology providers we offer our national clientele seamless and professional solutions which solve the many related risks associated with every day business: Intervid is a market leader in providing fully integrated security solutions including access control, CCTV, BMS and fire detection that can be easily managed from a single platform.

Product Solutions

Intervid-Africa is the result of the acquisition of Intervid and NGA-WSM workforce solutions businesses. The two businesses have over 70 combined years in the commercials security solutions businesses, comprising the successful installation and commissioning of:

Intervid Africa’s CCTV Camera Surveillance Solutions draw on the most advanced digital video and audio monitoring, recording and communications security technology available today. Video data management forms the foundational element of our integrated Building Management Systems allowing us to build versatile, networked CCTV solutions with fully integrated command and control centres located either on or off the client's site.

Access Control Solutions Installer

Access control solutions are an integral component in the security of any industrial or commercial site as they allow for the monitoring and controlling of employee movements, time-attendance and location throughout an organisation.

Intervid’s Fire Detection solutions allow for the early detection and therefore prevention of the devastating effects of fire within an organisation. Intervid’s Fire detection solutions range in size and functionality and are designed using a selection of world class products sourced from leading international fire detection providers.

Intervid’s building management systems reduces labour and energy use while enhancing occupant convenience and safety. Well-designed BMS systems increase overall building efficiency and reduce costs within the organisation.

Well-designed Building Management Systems control a wide variety of building site components including HVAC, lighting, fire detection, energy usage, CCTV video surveillance and access control.

Industry Related Solutions

Intervid offers our corporate clientele the full suite of corporate risk management solutions enabling us to protect productivity, people and profits via our single integrated systems, corporate clients have access to a full range of building management software, time and attendance products and access control systems. Contact our systems consultants for a complete site audit
Over the past 15 years Intervid has successfully conceptualised and implemented fully integrated industrial risk management solutions for many of South Africa’s leading blue chip manufacturers. Bespoke systems are designed to cater for the full range of requirements ranging from furnace monitoring to offsite outdoor surveillance and office to factory access control and time and attendance management
Electronic risk management in the mining industry is a speciality of Intervid Africa, with multiple senior and junior mining sites installed and successfully commissioned. Using world class products Intervid has successfully installed solutions ranging from, full site CCTV surveillance monitoring to shaft and outbuilding fire detection and fully integrated site management software, to protect the assets and human resources in any mining environment.
Intervid surveillance solutions have been installed in retail environments around South Africa. With our long experience and proven track record in network video technology, you can rest assured that Intervid will enable you to achieve your retail surveillance goals. Improve the profitability of your retail locations Reduce Inventory Shrinkage Increase staff security While providing an improved customer experience
Transportation solutions offer unique challenges and risks, road infrastructure, trains, rail and air facilities all require high levels of security and monitoring. Professionally integrated CCTV Solutions, access control, fire detection and integrated systems management are just some of the product options which Intervid has commissioned for various transportation vendors helping to monitor complex transportation modules and mitigate risk in a business which is running 24/7 in highly demanding conditions.
Intervid offers the educational market a CCTV solution for a safe and secure learning environment with a wide range of integrated educational technologies and access control. With Educational software that works together with your CCTV camera you will have access to programmes such as; classroom audio systems, projection systems, document management and interactive whiteboards . Access control will help you monitor and supervise your surroundings providing you with the options to see who is coming and going from the building/campus and observe the whereabouts of your students, to name a few. Intervid will custom design a CCTV solution for your facility whether it is a single building to a large university campus with country wide branches. Contact our systems consultants for a custom designed solution.
Intervid has supplied and integrated numerous Access control and CCTV solutions for government departments and embassies around South Africa and related SADC countries. These highly sensitive sites are handled by expert project managers allowing for complete integration and seamless system interaction. For more information on Government CCTV, Access Control and Building Management Solutions contact Intervid Africa at 086 001 8103.