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CCTV Project Managers

 With security initiatives becoming more and more complex, unless a cctv installation is managed   correctly prior to, during and after the installation, even the most sophisticated security systems will   not be effective. Using our expert team of CCTV Project Managers, Intervid manages and controls   the roll out of multi-disciplinary security solutions for our diverse customer base, using a three-tiered   system: 

Intervid-Africa – Platinum Certified Impro Installer and Servicing Partner.

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Intervid Africa is proud to be an official platinum certified Impro Installation partner. Our internal technical team has a long track record in installing, configuring and servicing some of South Africa’s and Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest Impro access control installations. With reference sites located across all 9 South African provinces and across 12 surrounding African countries we are able to offer a comprehensive geographic installation footprint.

Avigilon Versus Hikvision: How to decide on the correct Security Solution for your organization

Today’s modern IP CCTV solutions are light years ahead of where they were 15 years ago, today’s market is awash in a multitude of new, break out brands, products and solutions.  Without a doubt two of the most interesting and successful, up and comers in the IP CCTV arena are Avigilon Corporation and Hikvision.

While not typically categorized as direct competitors, the popularity of both brands means that they are often quoted and specified in various proposals and are therefore interesting IP CCTV candidates for comparison.

Types of CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Cameras

A CCTV Surveillance System is only as good as the cameras feeding images into that system. Whether a one-camera setup or an intricate multi camera network, your security system must utilize cameras designed for your specific needs. Understanding the variable factors which make up individual cameras is critical in determining which cameras to purchase, and this is where a qualified CCTV installer is vital.


What is License Plate Recognition, Foreign Object Detection and Facial Recognition and how do these technologies work in the CCTV industry

As times change and the world becomes a fast paced, multitasking environment to live in, we look for systems that will help us manage tedious daily jobs easily and more efficiently. The CCTV industry is a great example of how technology is advancing and how it is benefiting our lives and businesses today. In this article we will be discussing the features surrounding the analytics on CCTV NVR systems such as: LPR (Licences plate recognition) foreign object detection and Facial recognition.


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