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CCTV Surveillance Options & Techniques

IP or Analogue ( RJ59/Powerex/Cat5)

There are a variety of option and techniques available to prospective businesses when considering a CCTV Surveillance solution. The first option is whether to choose an analogue or digital system, analogue is usually the preferred method for small to mid-sized systems up to 32 channels (a channel comprises 1 camera channel back to the DCR recording unit) and shorter distances from DVR unit to camera. For larger systems from 32 channels up to hundreds of channels IP is the preferred transmission method, it allows more features and longer distances between units. Corporate and Industrial sites invariable look at the IP option for its growth and features.




IP Or Analogue





Fibre or Cat5 Cabling

When choosing longer run IP systems in high lightening areas or with the need for long term durability fibre optic cable is the preferred method of transmission. Fibre is durable and long lasting and in case where trenching has been required is advisable to ensure a durable network. Cat5 cabling commonly associated with standard network cabling is used for shorter runs in more controlled office environments.



Fibre Or Cat5




Wireless or Wired

While wireless networks have become common place in the office place for computer use the ability of wireless networks to transmit high quality images over longer distances has not yet been proven. Therefore wireless CCTV solutions are not yet considered viable options when considering a professional Commercial CCTV solution. For this reason Intervid focuses on installing and maintaining comprehensively structured wired CCTV solutions.


Wireless or Wired




CCTV Installation Techniques

In terms of techniques there are too many varies “tricks of the trade” to list or compile, needless to say professional high quality installation techniques are critical in ensuring the longevity of a CCTV installation. Bosal piping, trunking and York Boxes are some of the critical components required, ensure your CCTV quote makes provision for all of these products and finishes. 

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